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1) This website is free.  Do not pay anyone any fees for its use.  If anyone is requesting payment for the use of this site, they are violating the law.
2) Many of the websites that are linked on the Homepage require that the user agree to their disclaimer.  This website cannot get you past that disclaimer.  You will have to accept the disclaimer if you want to use that site.  Usually, the disclaimer is at the bottom of the page. 
3) Many counties do not have their own Official Records search.  They share a common site which purports to cover the entire state of Florida.  
4) Most counties allow a search of their probate records when searching Court Cases.  However, at least two counties do not allow online searches of their probate records: Polk County and Seminole County.  You will have to call the probate office of the respective Clerk of Court to obtain information.
5) Most counties allow a search of their Plat Books in the Official Records search engine.  However,  some counties have separate search engines for plats and maps. I have included a link for those counties that I encountered with a separate search engine. There might be more.
6) If you have encountered a broken link, or have a better link that you would like to share, please contact links@floridapropertycountylinks.com 
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